Bucket List Adventures

For the Faint Hearted


Let our instructor take you through your paces to learn the skills of archery…this is not a pulse raiser unless you hit gold more than once! (inclusive regardless of age or ability).


Survival skills and activities for those wishing to impress friends and family mainly in their back garden or holiday campsite with their sense of wild adventure. Our Bushcraft Instructors will teach you the skills of fire building, marshmallow cooking, shelter building and a couple of Bear Grylls style survival techniques that you can impress others with.

Not for the Faint Hearted


Lean back and hope for the best as you let yourself trust the ropes and skills of our mountaineering champions as they rig you up to feel the rush of abseiling down until your feet touch the ground. Being over the edge and dealing with the fear of height and safety creates one of life’s biggest buzzes.


Ocean swimming, rock hopping, cliff jumping, scrambling, bouldering, swimming and floating in waves through coastal caves is all part of what we class as our most popular high octane activity we offer at the world famous Arbroath cliffs where your adventure fix will reach new heights and thrills..

White water raftingWhite Water Rafting

Fancy the excitement of shooting the whitewater rapids in some of Perthshire's stunning rivers in our specialised whitewater rafts? This is a fun activity from start to finish and guarantees to thrill and excite all our adventurers! Raft sessions range from a fast paced and exhilarating ride on grade 3-4 rivers to a more relaxed trip on grade 2-3 on the Tay. 


Turn Winter from cold, dark and miserable to your favourite time of year and you will be embarking on your career in the best winter sport ever ... skiing! Quickly learn how to stop , control speed and turn then be ready to hit the snowy mountains in this ultimate rush activity.