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Active travel simply means making journeys by physically active means - like walking, scooting or cycling.

Positive impacts include:

  • Reduced traffic congestion
  • Reduced air pollution
  • Better physical, mental and social health
  • Smaller carbon footprint to reduce negative impact of climate change.

Good infrastructure for walking and cycling is important, but people also need encouragement, support and guidance to change their behaviours and switch their journeys to either walking or cycling.

What does the Dundee Active Travel team deliver?

We work with all Dundee Primary Schools and deliver a wide programme of walking, scooting and cycling activities to support children learning to ride a bike and working towards achieving Bikeability level 2 award and making more positive choices in relation to travel to and from school. We host a number of physical initiatives to engage and inspire kids to achieve this. Our support is mainly delivered during the school day and we are working towards getting all schools developing a school travel plan where we can help them overcome key issues and concerns facing them and finding ways to work towards a more actively travelling lifestyle for their children and staff.

Our key goal is to transform our city with the help of Dundee City Council, Parent, Volunteers, Teachers and of course Children to a place where our journeys matter and become more enjoyable.

What is Bikeability?

Bikeability Scotland is the national cycle training programme for school children from P5 to S2. It supports the next generation of confident and responsible road users. Sessions are mostly delivered in primary and secondary schools. The ability to ride a bike is essential to participate in the programme.

Level One
This entry level is designed to focus on fun activities while strengthening bike skills. Each of the sessions are delivered in an off road, traffic free setting - typically a playground.

Level Two
This level focuses on making short journeys on quieter roads, with an emphasis on signalling and observation.

Level Three
Planning a journey and the use of more challenging routes like multi-lane roads and roundabouts are the main focus for this session.

Equipment and Kit Information
Bikes and helmets will be provided but bringing your own bike is always welcomed. For more information please visit

Cycle Friendly School

The award supports Scottish primary and secondary schools to improve facilities and increase the opportunities for children to cycle to school. From the initial registration through to assessment, we work closely with teachers, parents and pupils to help them achieve the award and schools are supported through each step of the process towards becoming Cycling Friendly. For more information please visit

Become an Instructor

The support of Bikeability Scotland instructors is key to the creation of the next generation of confident and responsible cyclists. Without our instructors, many of whom are volunteers cycle training would be beyond the reach of many primary schools, and pupils would miss out on learning a valuable life skill. For more information please visit

Basic Bike Maintenance

In any of our programmes we provide basic bike maintenance because riding a bike would be worthless if you haven't been taught to do it safely.

For example, do you know what an M-check is? How high your saddle should be? Or, does it matter how hard you pump the tyres?

How do I find out if my child’s school is delivering Bikeability?

Our aim is to have all Dundee P6 and P7 pupils learn to ride a bike and go on to achieve level 2 – on-road Bikeability award, so to find out if your school is taking part, simply ask your school to confirm if they have arranged this with us and if not please help us by speaking up and encouraging the school through parent council forum to get in touch with us so no one misses out on this great resource offer.